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Colored Pencil Nails are a Thing and They Actually Look Good




  • Nail art designs have evolved through the years
  • Nail technicians never seem to run out of crazy and bizarre nail art designs for their clients
  • The latest design bound to catch your attention is the colored pencil nail art, which actually looks great.

There seems to be no end to how dramatic and bizarre nail art designs can get. When you think you’ve seen the most unusual design, another one pops up. The latest design that might have you scratching your heads or stare in admiration (whichever you prefer) is the colored pencil nail art.

Colored pencil nails are taking nail designing to a different level. Not only do they give you colorful nails but also functional ones. You can actually use them to color something! Say goodbye to single-color manicures and French tips. Colored pencil nails are taking over!

This design is insane!

This design may be odd but it’s definitely going viral for the right reasons. Colored pencil nail art is a genius idea from Russia-based nail chain, Nail Sunny, which is also behind other incredible nail art designs, such as hair comb manicures, and vag ina-themed designs.

If you’re not familiar with this salon, you should know that the hair comb manicures were also functional, allowing a person to comb through their hair. And now, Nail Sunny is making the headlines once again for yet another functional design – colored pencils.

As with other long and elaborately designed nails, people might wonder how they can do day to day tasks with them. It’s hard to imagine putting on makeup or typing emails when you have super long nails. But drawing or writing with these colored pencil nails might just work great.

Crayon nails, anyone?

The design can be any crafty person’s dream. It’s hard to replicate this mani yourself since it involves combining acrylic with actual colored pencil lead. And it’s a lot of effort, too.

Nail technicians at Nail Sunny formed the acrylic onto naked nails. Then, they applied colorful coats of nail polish, with each nail getting bright Crayola-inspired colors. The details included black lines to resemble wood ridges of a pencil.

Then, things get real when the artist carved real colored pencils to get the lead, which they used to adhere to the back of the nail, completing the design. With that, you could have colored pencils ready at all times. To appreciate the effort put into creating this mind-blowing art, check out the video below.

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