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Doctors Found 263 Coins And 100 Nails Inside A Man Who Complained Of Stomach Ache

All these, when ingested, will surely cause abdominal pain.

Angela Beltran





The operating table could be the greatest witness to even the most bizarre surgical encounters. In India, for instance, surgeons found 263 coins, about a hundred nails, dozens of shaving blades, shards of glass and a 6-inch piece of a rusted iron shackle.

The patient, 35-year-old Maksud Khan, was admitted to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain. At first, the doctors thought about food poisoning and opted to perform an endoscopy examination, wherein a flexible tube is used to view the digestive tract.

The minimally-invasive procedure is usually done inside the operating room.

The surgeons were shocked to see 1.5 kilograms of nails and other objects inside his stomach.

In total, the collection of foreign objects weighed about 7 kilograms.

Dr. Priyank Sharma, a surgeon at the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, India, said:

“We were shocked to discover that coins, nails, and nut-bolts in his stomach. We only come across such a case for the first time in our career.

“This man looks mentally unstable as no sane person would do something like this.”

Apparently, Mr. Khan is suffering from mental health problems and his family is not aware of his bizarre eating habits. His relatives said that he has depression.

Fortunately for Mr. Khan, all the metal, and sharp objects have been removed before they cause serious complications.

Some of the sharp nails, however, punctured his stomach, leading to internal bleeding. He is now recovering at the hospital.

The term used for eating foreign objects is Pica, a type of eating disorder. The condition is marked by a person eating foreign objects and substances that are not normally considered as food. Typically, these objects have no nutritional value. The most commonly consumed pica objects are paper, chalk, bones, clay, metal objects and paint.

According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), pica often happens with those who have mental health disorders, such as in the case of Mr Khan.


Woman Drowns In Own Feces And Vomits After Her Operation Went Wrong

A woman lives in horror as her body she is drowning in her own feces and vomits own poo after her operation went wrong.

Donna Marie Padua



In any operation, a patient’s life is placed at risk and success is all up to the hands of the surgeons. A single mistake can end a life in an instant or put the patient to a more miserable state by suffering the effects of a malpractice.

A woman named Kelly Yeoman is unfortunate enough to experience such a mistake in an operating room. Her bowel was damaged during a routine operation and is now having breathing difficulties as feces fill her entire body. Moreover, she vomits her own poo, making it more nightmarish for her to go on under such condition.

A woman is suffering from a critical condition after her operation went wrong.

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Video Shows Thieves Using Anti-Lock Device to Steal Car in Less Than a Minute

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, you know this is very alarming.




Unlike before, cars nowadays are deemed a necessity more than a luxury. It lets you move from one place to another without having to experience the burden of commuting. Apparently, buying a car is just the first step. You have to go through periodic maintenance and, more importantly, ensure its safety against thieves.

But despite how advanced a modern car can be, these filthy individuals still have the means to steal your precious vehicle. In fact, this “modus operandi” is perfectly displayed in a video that recently got viral. The footage shows two thieves trying to steal a Mercedes-Benz Sedan – and it only takes them less than a minute to finish the job.

These two scumbags managed to steal the car in less than a minute.

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Mom Warns Against Crowded Places After Son Acquires Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease (HFMD)

Parents, be extra careful in letting your kids go to playhouses and other crowded places.

Angela Beltran



As parents, we all need to be extra careful with everything we give our children simply because we want them to be healthy and safe from certain diseases. However, we can't guarantee that we can protect them at all times - since pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms are literally everywhere.

For parents who are fond of bringing their kids to the mall, daycare centers and playhouses, be wary about them being infected with various contagious diseases such as chicken pox and influenza or flu, among others.

A mother from the Philippines is warning other parents against bringing their children to crowded places, especially playhouses in malls and shopping centers. These places are always packed with people from all walks of life - which may include those who are currently harboring disease-causing pathogens.

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