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Figure Skater Evgenia Medvedeva Recreates Sailor Moon Transformation in Latest Routine





Russian figure skating champ Evgenia Medvedeva regaled the audience at the recently held World Team Trophy gala in Tokyo. The 17-year-old brought some serious nostalgia as she skated to the Sailor Moon theme song and recreated the well-loved character’s transformation. Sailor Moon was a big hit back in the ’90s, and today has pop culture classic status.

Medvedeva not only skated beautifully. The overall performer even lip-synced to the song and put on some adorable expressions. Her entry to the skating rink with props on hand told audiences something different was about to happen.

Evgenia Medvedeva delivers a Sailor Moon-inspired routine at the World Team Trophy gala in Tokyo.

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She entered the rink with props on hand.

Medvedeva started her routine on the floor as she pretended to sleep. She woke up and was rather cranky as she started her routine. At one point, she reached for a Luna (Sailor Moon’s black guardian cat) stuffed animal.

She even recreated the Sailor Moon transformation.

A minute into the routine, Medvedeva started recreating the Sailor Moon transformation. As she skated, she removed her sleeves and her skirt, and pulled up her socks to complete her transformation from Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon’s alter ego) to Sailor Moon.

Her costume was pretty spot on.

The crowd cheered as Medvedeva completed her transformation, and her second costume looked really convincing. Her hair, although not blonde, was styled in the same way as the beloved anime character’s.

She lip-synced and showed convincing facial expressions.

Medvedeva continued to gracefully glide through the skating rink and completed her flawless routine. Her spins and stunts added more spunk and excitement to the energetic number. The audience can be heard clapping in enjoyment throughout the video.

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