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Pranksters Convince Their Friend He’s Been in a Coma For 10 Years to Teach Him a Lesson





Real friends are usually hard to find. As they say, they are the real gems in disguise of a pebble. However, what makes them truly special is not just the rare chance of finding them but that specific element of friendship that makes your relationship with them standout—they love you and they will care about you no matter what.

This is what happened when Ray’s trusted friends decided to prank him for being so clingy with alcohol despite walking in and out of jail several times with the same reason—drinking and driving. Spearheaded by Tom Mabe, he and his accomplices dropped the bomb with the hopes of emphasizing the possibility of losing life just because of an irresponsible act.

Preventing him to be jailed on the sixth time, Ray’s friends intentionally waited for him to pass out so they can transport him to the “hospital room”. As Ray gained consciousness and realized where he was, a pretentious nurse came into the picture and did the usual routine for a patient who has gone through a comma. What made the incident more awesome is after being told that he was asleep for almost a decade!

Right then and there, everything changed. Lucky for him, when a physician (this time, Tom Mabe) went inside and further examined him, it was later on revealed that he was being pranked! Now that was a resounding relief!

Watch the video:

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For a few, this prank may be below the belt but for many, this is just an inch close to possibility if disregarded.

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