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Heartwarming Moment Fast-Food Employee Helps Feed Disabled Customer





A video showing an incredible, random act of kindness has recently went viral on Facebook. Posted by Laurinha Victória, the said viral footage was taken in a food court in Salvador, Brazil.

According to Victória, she began filming when she noticed a kindhearted Giraffa worker feeding a customer with disability. Apparently, the male customer had a hard time eating his food because of his physical limitations.
The employee saw the struggle so he sat down with him and helped him eat.

It was indeed a heartwarming scene!

In an interview with TODAY, Giraffas spokesperson Gilberto Ribeiro identified the employee as Wellington Bruno de Oliveira Sacramento, 17.

Sacramento is an intern from Salvador and is currently working at the Salvador Norte Shopping unit.

Meanwhile, Victória captioned the video this way:

“Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes. That’s the real charity, what a beautiful thing. I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having. God bless you.”

Watch the touching viral video here:

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The video has since gained millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares on social media. More importantly, it has inspired many to do take action and do some good as well.

So far, Giraffas has yet to recognize Sacramento for his actions and the company has not yet disclosed how they are planning to do it.

As Ribeiro further said:

“We train and instruct our employees to understand and attend customers needs and desires. And in that case, Bruno went beyond any market customer experience notion, by helping a human being. It was his call as he saw the situation. We are very proud to have a person like that in our organization. Not only in a professional spectrum, but in a human and social perspective.”

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