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‘My Mom Is My Angle’ And Other Embarrassing Tattoo Fails To Crack You Up

Here’s why you should double check before getting inked!


People get tattoos for different reasons. Some of them do so as a vehicle of self-expression while others say it is their way of giving tribute to a loved one, a personal hero, or a favorite fandom such as movies, video games, etc.

Regardless of the motives, I guess we can all agree that tattoos are indeed wonderful artworks when they are done right. Your skin becomes a permanent canvas that will display the inked awesomeness – or embarrassment.

Yes, there are instances when a tattoo can become a source of shame instead of something that you will display proudly. Case in point, the tattoos we will share below seem like they were made by artists who may need to relearn basic spelling.

Typos are annoying and so it can be a massive disaster when it’s inked on your own skin.

Go scroll down below and have a good laugh:

#1. Say what?!

Source: instagram

She’ll probably have to wear shirts that cover that tattoo.

#2. No regrets? Really?

Source: instagram

Tell you what, I have a feeling this person regrets that tattoo badly.

#3. Street = degree.

Source: instagram

We agree that this person – or the tattoo artist – probably didn’t care about school.

#4. Double negative.

Source: instagram

You could’ve picked either ‘never’ or ‘don’t’, buddy.

#5. No, we’re not jealous. Not even a tiny bit!

Source: instagram

Also, what the heck is that question mark?

#6. My mom is my angle.

Source: instagram

Mommy’s a mathematician, perhaps?

As they say, you gotta think before you get inked. Better yet, check spellings twice or thrice before letting a needle touch your skin. Erasing a tattoo can be an expensive, complicated process.


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