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Put Those Old Utensils Away. These Edible Spoons Are Pretty Awesome!





Tired of your old-fashioned utensils? Well, now is your chance to give eating a fresh, tasty twist.

The Edible Spoon Maker is exactly as its name implies – it makes spoons you can actually eat.

You can create your own spoon foods by placing some dough in the spoon-shaped molds. Just make sure to use the dough cutter to create the desired shape before baking them. After 3 minutes, you’ll be ready to use – and eat – your warm, crispy spoon.

The Edible Spoon Maker can make, well, edible spoons that are made from dough.

edible spoonmaker 1

The official website of Edible Spoon Maker invites people to eat their meal with their spoon. The edible spoons, according to the site, can be used for cereal, yogurt, soup, salad, and more. Basically, it can be perfect for anything that needs a warm piece of bread.

Here’s how you can make your own edible spoons:

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These edible spoons can be a “delicious breakfast treat” for the whole family.

edible spoonmaker 2

The video description on YouTube reads:

“Make a delicious breakfast treat with the Edible Spoon Maker. It features easy to clean, non-stick grids and is white in color. With power and preheat lights, the item is easy to use. The Edible Spoon Maker is also lightweight and compact.”

So far though, no information has been released about its availability, its price, or how much will each unit be sold. As of the moment, all we have to do is to wait for further announcement from the company. I definitely couldn’t wait to grab one.

You can stay updated about the Edible Spoon Maker by visiting the official website often.

H/T: Mashable

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