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Drunk Aussies Bravely Thwart Attempted Robbery, Crack Up Morning Show Hosts


Two drunk Aussie blokes on the Gold Coast thwarted an alleged robbery at an Oporto burger outlet this week. Dressed in nothing but shorts and a busted plugga (broken flip flops), James Ross-Munroe bravely approached the suspects’ vehicle and took the keys from the ignition to ensure the thugs won’t be able to escape. Kane Wiblen, his mate, caught the courageous yet hilarious incident on camera, which has then gone viral.

James and Kane just came from a singlets and stubbies party that night and decided to chill at the Arundel service station. Moments later, a white car arrived and out came the crooks who broke into the shop.

James thought to his feet and scurried towards the car. Shirtless and almost barefooted, he nabbed the keys while the thieves were still inside the restaurant, and alerted others to call the cops. When that failed, the bare-chested man chased the hapless burglars down the street while shouting, “come ‘ere you little bastards!” in a true Aussie fashion.

The chaps posted the video on Facebook and wrote:

“The moment we caught two blokes breaking into Oportos Arundel, they ran inside so I took their keys out of the ignition.

“When the driver came back to the car he realised his keys were missing, the passenger jumped in and I managed to land a few punches …

“I chased them but because I’m fat they got away.”

As soon as the video went viral, the Today show invited James and Kane for an interview, and these lads had the hosts cracking up!

Although the criminals managed to get away, Gold Coast Bulletin reported that the police already have one of the suspects in custody.

H/T: Lad Bible, Lost at E Minor, Cokewater, Karl Stefanovic

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