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Drowning Simulator Gives You A Glimpse Of What It’s Like Being Thrown In The Ocean

This is what it’s like to live your final moments at sea.


Death is something most of us dread and the worst thing is that when you know it is your time – when you stare death in the face. You wouldn’t know how horrifying the experience may be because if you’re dead, obviously you won’t live to tell what it’s like.

There are different ways on how someone can experience the last moments of their lives, and one of the most terrifying is drowning – because in that moment, you know so well you’re screwed.

But have you really thought about what it’s like to drown? Apparently, it’s not something anyone wants to think about, but somehow, you can just imagine the horror a person has to go through knowing there’s no way out.

In a video from Sortie En Mer, you are shown a first-person drowning experience – what the victim goes through, plays in his thoughts and how it is when it’s the last time he gets to open his eyes.

The scenario starts with a person sailing out in the open sea and enjoying the calm waters. When suddenly, with a slight mishap, the person was thrown overboard and can’t manage to get back up on the boat. The worst thing is that the other person he’s with can’t help, so the victim is left fighting for his life all on his own.

In the simulator, you need to keep scrolling up to the surface but eventually, your character gets tired trying to paddle towards nowhere. Ultimately, exhaustion sets in, and the character starts to descend downward to the bottom of the ocean, as life events play like a movie in his mind. The body then drops to the ocean floor and vision fades.

When you look at the video, you can definitely say it’s a truly terrifying experience. Check it out below and see the horror for yourself.

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This video is a scary yet clever way to promote the use of life jackets whenever you’re at sea.


Watch How 6 Tiny Robots Move A 2-Ton Car

Amazingly, the robots collectively weigh less than an apple.

We’ve come really far in robotics technology. Just in case you still doubt that, all you have to do is to watch the video below.

This short footage shows six small but extra-strong robots pulling a car that weighs about 1,800 kilograms. Even more amazing, the little bots collectively weigh less than an apple at 100 grams.

The secret? Well, the robots are actually sporting gecko-inspired adhesive feet.

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According To Experts, Putting Cellphone In Pocket May Cause Male Infertility

Guys, beware!

Guys, beware.

If you’re hoping to have babies soon or are at least planning to have them in the future, you better keep your phone off your pocket.

According to a recent research by the Technion University in Israel, it has been discovered that putting a mobile phone in a pants’ pocket may lead to decreased sperm count.

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Conflicts Between Religion And Science May Be Due To How The Brain is Structured

The brain may be responsible for the clash between science and religion.

Do you ever wonder why people with solid scientific backgrounds almost always clash with people with strong religious beliefs?

The conflict may be look like it is rooted from a social or cultural norm, but a new study found that it may be wired from the brain.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University and Babson College investigated on the concept and acknowledge that some psychological researches imply that spiritual people are less smart than others. Funny thing is, these people will almost always accept that and even agree that they are indeed less intelligent.

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