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A Drone Was Flying Over The Beach. What It Captured Is Simply BREATHTAKING!





Andres Amador is a 42-year-old “earthscape artist”. It is an apt appellation, as Amador is known to create wonderful artworks on the ground. He uses the sand as his canvas, and rakes and combs as his paintbrush. Amador creates masterpieces on different beaches and shorelines. Some of the patterns and designs that he makes are as big as a football field.

Amador used to be an environmental scientist. Ten years ago, he quit his day job and decided to pursue his passion. Since then, he has created massive “earthscapes” on various shorelines, including California and the Carribean. He takes photos of his work via a camera mounted on a quad-copter, and then sells the prints.

A few of Andres’ works:


Photo credit: Andres Amador


Photo credit: Andres Amador

This clip begins with a breathtaking view of the San Francisco shoreline. A closer look shows Amador, as he rakes the sand to create beautiful art.

Watch Amador create a stunning sand art:

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This video was taken at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in February 2015.

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Credits: Andres Amador, Jonathan Clark

H/T: LifeBuzz

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