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Man’s Love For Domino’s Pizza Eventually Saves His Life





Pizza may not be the healthiest food out there but Kirk Alexander would tell you that his love for the flatbread literally saved his life.

How did that exactly happen? Kirk, you see, is an avid customer of Domino’s Pizza. In fact, he’s practically been ordering from the local branch in Salem, Oregon almost everyday for nearly ten years now. So yes, everyone knows him well already.

The crew is even aware that he “lives by himself and works at home.” So imagine their surprise when they realized Kirk hasn’t been ordering as of late.

General manager Sarah Fuller noticed loyal customer Kirk Alexander hasn’t ordered pizza for 11 days.

dominos pizza saves customers life 1

Source: YouTube

Sarah Fuller, general manager of the Domino’s branch, checked Kirk’s order history and discovered it’s been 11 straight days since his last order.

She said:

“It was weird, and not like him at all.”

Sarah quickly asked one of their drivers to check on Kirk, who lives alone and works at home.

dominos pizza saves customers life 5

Source: YouTube

Sarah then decided to ask one of the delivery drivers to check on their customer.

The driver later knocked on Kirk’s door but did not get any response although the television and lights were on. Suspiciously, calls to his mobile phone went straight to voice mail as well. So the driver quickly contacted 911 for help.

When the police came, Kirk was pleading for help and so they took him to a nearby hospital.

dominos pizza saves customers life 6

Source: YouTube

Sarah said:

“I guess they could hear him inside, yelling for help. So they broke down the door and the paramedics got in and got him down to the hospital.”

According to reports, Kirk previously had minor strokes. As of this writing, he is now recovering in a local hospital.

Watch the video report here:

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This is a proof that, yes, awesome things always happen when businesses know their customers well.

When Kirk recovers soon, I’m guessing there will be a pizza party!

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