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Disney’s Upcoming Streaming App Will Have Every Film They’ve Ever Released

The streaming service will contain “the entire Disney motion picture library.”


If you’ve been a fan of Disney movies since your childhood days, then this will undoubtedly excite you. As recent reports tell us, the House of Mouse is going to be launching its own streaming service soon – which will contain all the films ever released under the Disney banner.

Yes, you read that right, folks – that’s every movie released by the company and much, much more. Sounds like the perfect way for adults to relive the magic of old classics and to introduce them to the younger generation, right
According to Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, the streaming service will be called Disney Plus.

Iger announced:

“The service, which I mentioned earlier is going to launch later in the year, is going to combine what we call library product, movies, and television, with a lot of original product as well, movies and television.

“And at some point fairly soon after launch it will house the entire Disney motion picture library, so the movies that you speak of that traditionally have been kept in a vault and brought out basically every few years will be on the service.

“And then, of course, we’re producing a number of original movies and original television shows as well that will be Disney-branded.”

So far, the company has not mentioned the new app’s release date but as Iger said above, it will be launched later this year.

Disney’s movies go way back the 1920s so this streaming service will be a welcome treat for fans young and old, especially since some classics are currently not available in the market. In the past, the company only made limited releases for home movies and once they’ve ran out of copies, they go back to the so-called ‘Disney Vault’ and will only resurface after several years.

On the other hand, children will also love that they can easily access the more recent releases in this massive library – which includes everything from Disney as well as Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm and others.

Also, Iger pointed out that they are producing several “original movies and original television shows” and one of the confirmed series so far will be The Mandalorian, a live-action Star Wars series, with Jon Favreau at the director’s chair.

“It’s going to combine both the old and the new,” confirmed Iger. “All of the films that we’re releasing this year, [starting] with Captain Marvel, will also be on the service.”


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