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Dinner Fork Door Lock Prevents Anyone From Barging Into Your Room





Keeping our privacy at home is our top priority, particularly when we’re in the middle of something. We always want to ensure that everything is free from intrusion and invasion of privacy while we chill and relax.

The last thing we want is when we are busy minding our own business and then someone barged into the room unannounced without even knocking. Most young people deal with this issue at some point and it can be very frustrating.

Luckily, we found this video of a simple DIY door lock trick that can help prevent this invasion of privacy problem with just a dinner fork. Yes, a dinner fork. We could not believe it either at first, but when we saw the entire clip, we were stunned! And the project does not require the leanest of the muscles or the brightest of the brains. The procedure is simple and if executed well, this can potentially secure your room and establish your privacy.

According to Phil Crockett, the uploader of the video:

I came up with a way to lock a door by modifying a dinner fork. Some folks may have seen my earlier video on my channel called “portable door lock”, which I made from flat 1/8″ steel . The Fork Lock, however, is way easier to make. This lock is very useful when wanting to add a little extra security to a motel room, public restrooms (which often have broken locks), or on any interior, or exterior door.

Watch the video here:

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