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Determined Little Toddler Cleans Up Tennis Balls In a Painfully Adorable Way





It is unusual to see a toddler clean up his mess. A home with a toddler is expected to be in consistent mess, right? You’ll see toys in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and literally everywhere!

However, we found a determined little toddler who just wants to clean up. After playing with tennis balls, he decides to put them in their case. I mean, we don’t see toddlers clean up their mess everyday, so this little boy is just adorable! Unfortunately, the task seemed endless as the balls keep on falling after he picks up each one of them, which makes watching him clean up a little bit painful.

So, what went wrong?

Watch this video and find out why:

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Now, that’s one determined little boy! We wonder when he’ll find out what he’s been doing wrong. But with his determination and persistence, we’re sure he’ll be able to figure it out soon.

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