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Meet Your Ultimate Nightmare, A Deadly Snake with A Spider for A Tail!

Spiders can cause a good scream on their own, but what if you get a spider and snake in one?


For people with arachnophobia or fear of spiders, meeting the Spider-Tailed Horned Viper will be their worst nightmare. As if spiders are not scary enough, God decided to make this terrifying creature to make us shit our pants with terror.

The Spider-tailed Horned Viper or Pseudocerastes urarachnoides may look like a real bad Halloween prank, but it is not a hoax or a hybrid created from a mad scientist’s experiment gone wrong. In fact, the “spider” on its tail is not a spider at all.

The tail of the viper has numerous barbs or spindles in it that resembles the look of a spider’s legs. It also has a pea-sized protrusion the looks like a spider’s body. What’s more is that the snake can make its tail spindles move in a way that a real spider will move making for a very convincing deception.

The deadly creature contemplating the next horrors it will make…

spider-tailed horned viper

Photo credit: Omid Mozaffari

Aside from using its spider-like tail to lure small prey, the Spider-tailed Horned Viper is a master of deception and camouflage. Its grainy or stony looking scales make it barely recognizable and perfectly hidden in its habitat which is the rocky mountainsides of Iran. This deadly combination of mimicry and camouflage make it a formidable hunter.

Watch the Spider-tailed Horned Viper in action in this video below:

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I certainly hope never to come across this snake if ever I go trekking in Iran! What do you think of this deadly creature?


Epic Battle for Survival Between a Shark and an Octopus

In a battle between two powerful, sea creatures, who do you think would win?

Sharks are fierce, strong, and scary. The minute it bites its prey with its sharp teeth, you’ll know that there’s no escape and that you’ve seen the last of its victim. Sharks are at the top of the food chain, and no one doubts that.

Dogfish sharks are not considered dangerous; however, they do have sharp teeth that can seriously injure its prey. Also, the spines on their dorsal fins are slightly poisonous. Dogfish sharks otherwise called skittle dog, spotted dogfish, cod shark, white-spotted dogfish, thorndog, or piked dogfish, predominantly feed on fish, although they eat squid and octopus too.

In a huge aquarium where dogfish sharks and other sea creatures such as this giant, pacific octopus dwell, you’ll probably think that the sharks have plenty to prey on. However, the staff wondered why shark carcasses keep turning up, so they decided to set up cameras to solve the conundrum.

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Sea Lion’s Adorable Reaction When Little Girl Accidentally Tumbles

This little girl seems to have formed an instant friendship with this sea lion.

If your children can’t get enough of their stuffed animals, taking them to a zoo can be a fantastic idea. Many parents in fact consider trips to the zoo as an effective educational tool and bonding activity. Besides, it’s always a joy to witness the wonder and amazement in the eyes of the little ones as they see their favorite animals for the first time.

And then adorable stuff like this sometimes happens.

This little girl seems to have formed an instant friendship with this sea lion.

worried-sea-lion 1

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Adorable Dog Rescues Her Stuffed Toy From Washing Machine

Well, they’re called ‘retrievers’ for a reason.


It's not only little kids who have stuffed buddies - our four-legged furry friends also have them too.

This cute golden retriever has a stuffed teddy bear which she carries everywhere she goes. She snuggles with it during sleeping time and plays with it especially when her humans are not around. Which is why she was deeply saddened to discover her stuffed friend missing one day. Little did she know that her humans gave her toy a bath - in the washing machine.

Upon realizing the reason for her toy's disappearance, the adorable golden retriever went out for a search-and-rescue operation which culminated with her finding the precious toy in the wash tub. Luckily, her humans filmed her in the act of snatching her toy away from the sudsy chamber.

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