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Dead Mermaid Washes Up on Great Yarmouth Beach?





We all know mermaids aren’t real, right? They’re just fantasy creatures from stories told by sailors while they’re out at sea (like Christopher Columbus who claimed to have seen three off the coast of Haiti). Legends of these half-human, half-fish creatures have been around for thousands of years, from as early as 586 AD!

But when you come across something as eerie and unexplainable as this, you can’t help but wonder if those fishermen were on to something.

Washed up on Great Yarmouth beach was a carcass that was neither human nor animal, but both. With its innards exposed and its teeth bared, the “mermaid corpse” has made rounds on social media all over the world.

Innards exposed, teeth bared, this mermaid is nothing like the pretty creatures we see on TV!

Paul Jones posted the gruesome yet fascinating photographs of the mermaid on Facebook, and his photos have been shared over 15,000 times in just two days.

If you take a close look at the photos, and we suggest you don’t if you’re just about to have a meal, you’ll see that the head and tail are relatively intact, but the midsection is rotting.

Imagine going for your morning walk and running into this!
Imagine going for your morning walk and running into this!

What could it be? Is it a seal carcass that simply looks like a mermaid because our minds want to believe in mermaids? Is it the true-to-life Ariel from The Little Mermaid finally making herself known? Or is there a simpler explanation?

Watch the mermaid video here:

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Actually, the explanation has been in Paul Jones’ Facebook profile all along. It shows that he’s a skilled modeller, with a particular talent for creepy figures. In fact, he’s a member of the “Horror and Halloween DIY” Facebook group.

Don’t get mad that this sculpture got you to believe in mermaid for a few minutes. That’s just a testament to Paul Jones’ skill!

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