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Artist Creates Comic About Green Mermaid With A Surprising Ending

This is even better than ‘The Little Mermaid’!

  • A web artist has created a compelling comic about a green mermaid.
  • The story follows May the Mermaid of Lily Lake as she tries to save a young man from drowning.
  • However, things are clearly not what they seem in this tale.

People have always been fascinated with mermaids, largely because of Ariel from the Disney film The Little Mermaid. But how about a green mermaid? A Ukrainian artist has created a comic about a mermaid – and it has a very surprising ending.

Andy Ivanov, a web artist based in the Ukraine, is known for his distinct drawing style. Ivanov recently captivated his Instagram followers by sharing the story of a green mermaid who tries to save a young man but is captured by hunters. The story was told in a slow pace as Ivanov only shared one panel at a time. In the end, his followers were stunned with how “May, The Mermaid of Lily Lake” concluded.

Meet May, the Mermaid of Lily Lake.

The story doesn’t waste time getting into the action. The green mermaid immediately finds and tries to help the young man who appears to have drowned in the lake. However, they are quickly spotted by hunters who have been looking for her all this time.

May tries her best to evade the hunters. Unfortunately, they manage to catch her.

The young man was working with the hunters the whole time!

The defeated mermaid is placed in an aquarium for everyone to see. Not surprisingly, the young man feels guilty for getting her there in the first place.

He decides to break May out of captivity and bring her back to the lake. However, it isn’t long before the hunters notice that their prized catch has been stolen. So they quickly chased the pair.

The hunters are clearly determined to take down the mermaid no matter what. When they shoot at the escaping duo, they end up hitting the young man.

It doesn’t end on a sad note. The mermaid saves the young man with the petal of life.

You can see more of Andy Ivanov’s works on Instagram.


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