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From Fast Food Worker to Franchise Owner: Now He Employs Over 1,000 People




  • When he was younger, David Wynne used to flip burgers at a McDonald’s restaurant. At 59, Wynne is now the director of White Rose UK Ltd which runs store franchises for Cornwall and Devon. As a boss, he now employes around 1,000 workers.

Many years ago, David Wynne used to work at McDonald’s as a burger chef. Now he owns the same branch he used to work in when he was young.

Wynne, 59, definitely has an inspiring story to tell about how he rose from rags to riches. And it’s amazing to see how much he achieved over the years because of hard work and determination.

Wynne is presently the director of White Rose UK Ltd, the company that owns franchises for McDonald’s stores in Cornwall and Devon.

When he was 21, Wynne was named as the youngest McDonald’s restaurant manager in the UK. He later stepped up as an area manager for South West and Wales, also eventually for largr West Midlands.

Fast forward to 2002, Wynne has already “acquired five outlets – in Plymstock, Plympton, Derriford and two in the city centre – employing about 400 people,” reported Cornwall Live.

As of this writing, “the former burger-flipper turned business boss employs nearly 1,000 people, half of whom are full-time,” the website further tells us.

Of course, there are some challenges that come with being your own boss. But the pros far outweigh the cons, he pointed out. And it’s always rewarding when you overcome the odds.

Wynne shared:

“The chance to work for yourself rather than anyone else is a great incentive. It can be a great opportunity if a restaurant is on a low. You’ve got to look first at why it’s not doing well, but if it’s within your control to make it a better place then you should take that opportunity.”

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