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Food Challenge: Eat This 12kg Burger Within 1 Hour And It’s Yours For Free!




  • A restaurant in England is offering a 12 kilogram burger for free – if a customer can eat it within 50 minutes.
  • Interested participants are invited to book in advance.
  • Meanwhile, restaurant owner Kyle Barlow, however, is confident that no one will be able to finish the challenge.

Love burger? Want to eat a huge one for free? Well you might take interest in this burger challenge by Madihah’s Takeaway.

Located in Workington, Cumbria in England, the restaurant is offering customers a massive burger packed with over 30,000 calories and 12kg of beef. Usually, they sell it for £30 but the catch here, of course, is that it can be yours for free if you can chomp the whole thing down in less than an hour.

Restaurant owner Kyle Barlow is betting no one is ever going to complete the challenge.

In a Unilad feature, we read him saying:

“The beef alone is nearly 30,000 calories, the cheese is 2,000 calories, so even just eating the cheese will be a challenge.

“We have had other challenges in the past but this one if definitely the biggest and I’m quite certain there isn’t another take away in the country putting something like this on.

“I am 100% certain that nobody will finish it, we have put 56 burgers together to make one giant beast of a meal.”

In an official Facebook post by the restaurant, we read:

“Our new TOWER BURGER 12kg of beef in 1 burger (60 single burgers in 1)!!!! The TOWER BURGER and our MEGALODON burger will be in our MAN VS FOOD Challenge, The challenge will be taking place every Monday from 4pm to 10pm starting the 14th of September with 50 mins given to try and beat the challenge.

“Booking in advance is essential, also social distancing will be in place.

“Here’s the good part if you win the challenge you get the meal for free, your picture on the shop wall and a certificate.”

Watch this video report (check it out around the 1:20 mark)

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