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Customer Refused To Pay Cellphone Technician Because Mobile Was ‘Quickly Fixed’

He even wanted to complain at the nearest village hall!

Although we hate to admit it, a cellphone is one of the most important items a person owns. You can text and call your family, friends, and colleagues easily, keep up to date with social media, and you can even use it for phone interviews.

With that said, it’s undoubtedly a huge hassle when your cellphone broke or malfunctioned. Since not everyone can afford to simply buy a brand new one, most of us opted to have it fixed by a technician — that’s exactly what one man from the Philippines did. However, he refused to pay after it was “quickly fixed.”

Recently, a Facebook user named Jonjon Razote has uploaded the video footage of an arrogant customer who refused to pay the technician after fixing his mobile device. Jonjon said that the customer’s phone won’t turn on and asked the technician to fix it.

Upon checking the phone, the technician discovered that what it needed was a hard reset, so he did it. Since he did his job effectively, the technician charged the man Php 300 (approx. US$ 6.00) for labor fee, but the customer wasn’t happy about it.

In the video, it can be seen that the arrogant customer was criticizing the technician. The customer said that there was no point in paying the technician since he “didn’t do anything” with the phone and it started to work ten seconds after he held it.

The technician then explained that the phone didn’t turn on when he got it; the only reason why it turned on is that he did a hard reset. The customer did not accept the explanation, and he began bad-mouthing him.

In fact, the customer was so furious that he wanted to complain at the nearest village hall, but witnessed told them to resolve the matter on the mall admin instead.

The uploader knew how it felt to be in the position of the technician as he is one himself. He said that he didn’t like how the customer spoke to the technician and he was “triggered” by it.

He then advised everyone to keep a cool head despite the current hot weather in the Philippines.

Watch the video here:

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