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CCTV Footage Shows Overcharged Cellphone Exploding and Causing Fire




  • A viral video on Facebook shows us the dangers of leaving a cellphone unattended while charging.
  • The device later exploded several times and caused fire.

Many of us have that habit of charging our phones just right before we hit the bed. Besides, we love the feeling of waking up with a fully-charged device as we wake up from our sleep, right?

Well that’s okay if your phone is equipped to handle that. Otherwise, you might want to think twice – especially after watching this video.

Case in point, a viral CCTV footage shows us how overcharging can be a terrible idea.

As you will see on the said video, leaving your gadget unattended while it is charging can lead to a tragic disaster.

Beware of your devices, everyone!

In a viral video posted on Facebook by a user named Jacklyn Chang, we see a possible scenario when people do that – and it’s pretty scary. The 30-second clip starts out quiet and then all of a sudden, it surprises viewers with a series of explosions.

The video description reads:

“CCTV recorded mobile phone been charged for too long and left unattended. It exploded and caused fire.”

You can watch the video here:

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The video has since gained millions of views and thousands of netizens took time to comment on the post with some saying “cheap phones and batteries” could be the culprit in this accident.

Meanwhile, others got curious and speculated that the phone might be beside something which triggered rapid explosion after the first one.

So far, all we know is that the incident happened last May 11, 2019 as seen on the timestamp of the footage. No further information has been released regarding the incident so we’re left guessing about the exact location and the technical details of the fire.

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