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Creepy Viral Video Shows Paved Dockyard Floor in Italy ‘Breathing’

It looks as if the ground is alive.

It looks like a nondescript block paving with small grass and weeds protruding in between each brick. Aside from the faded, whitish spot on the floor, everything else seems normal.

But just keep your eyes glued to the screen, particularly at the area below the steel barrier. Because in a few seconds, you will witness something that probably doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

And it’s really phenomenal!

The paved dockyard in Cadimare, Italy appears as if it is breathing!

Source: Daily Mail

The floor moves up and down like a chest heaving. And apparently, it rises and falls due to the force of the tide flowing into the coastal town in the Gulf of La Spezia, Nine Msn reports. You’ll even hear the sound of the waves in the background.

However, some people doubt the authenticity of the footage. They say it is only a hoax, and that the activity is a product of visual effects. Others claim the street is possessed.

Regardless of what people believe, we can think of several adjectives that can appropriately describe this event. Awesome, cool, strange, spooky—how about you? How would you describe it?.

Watch this and tell us what you think.

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H/T: Your General Knowledge GK, Daily Mail


Chinese Couple Sold Their Baby Online to Buy an iPhone and a Motorcycle

Parents sold their daughter and thought it was fine!


In China, there are about 20,000 – 200,000 children who are kidnapped per year.

According to a reporter in China’s Southern Metropolis Daily, they have studied court documents and it revealed that 40% of the child trafficking cases were from the children’s biological parents who sold them to strangers.

Their studies disclose that parents commit child trafficking because of the “one child policy” which was implemented in 1980 while some were forced to trade their children because they were experiencing poverty and having more kids will cause them financial burden. Moreover, other parents trade their children just because they wanted to earn money....

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Woman Wakes Up From 8-Month Coma, Makes Shocking Revelation About Her Attacker

This “love story” just took a surprising turn!


In 2014, a 22-year-old Chinese woman named Lin Yingying sustained a severe head injury, which left her in a vegetative state for eight months.

Her former partner, 25-year-old Liu Fenghe, remained at her bedside as she lay in a coma. Liu became quite popular in their country when he borrowed 200,000 yuan or £21,700 to help pay for his beloved's medical treatment. He told reporters that he'll never leave and that he'll always take care of her throughout the ordeal. Liu's gestures touched the hearts of the public.

The Chinese media even described him as a "model boyfriend."

The Chinese media even described him as a "model boyfriend." ...

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10 of the Strangest Jobs in the World that Surprisingly Pay Well

Looking for the perfect job that will challenge you and pay you well? Here are a few ideas that might interest you.

Are you currently on a career slump and looking for a more exciting job that will challenge you? Or do you just want to get out of routine work you got yourself into with a desk job that requires you to be at the office from 9-5? Would you consider taking a job that's considered fun, out of this world and unbelievable so to speak?

Website Career Glider compiled a list of the 10 strangest jobs in the world that actually pay very well. This depends a lot of course on several factors such as: your education, your temperament and uhm, your ability to stomach certain awful or disgusting situations. Hey, we did say that these are the strangest jobs in the world, right? If you think you got the right skills for the job, then go ahead and send in your resume:

1. Medical Tattooist

1. Medical Tattooist...

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