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35 Crappy Life Hacks That Are Just Straight-Up Terrible Yet Funny





Life hacks are great and awesome, alright? No one is going to argue with that. However, there are those that we call “shitty life hacks,” and judging from the name alone, you know exactly how they work. While they somehow have a point, you just could not help but laugh at them.

For starters, we can go with “turn up the volume of the radio if the car is getting noisy.” I think you get the message wide and clear. But wait, we are not done here. There are a lot of these crappy tips that you need to know of – and they are all listed below!

#1. If you are tired of boiling water, boil a few galloons and freeze the rest later.

Source: datassque
#2. Introducing the “Non-Smoker Hack.”

Source: buttpoems
#3. If you had enough of eggs, put some twist by adding cacao, butter, milk, flour and then bake for 30 minutes.

Source: toromio
#4. How to recycle those dirty little doll heads for your kids.

#5. Save up by sleeping ’til noon. You will only have to pay 2 instead of 3 meals.

Source: harriscolten
#6. Want to replace smoke alarm? Use popcorn. When you hear it crackling, grab it and run for your life.

#7. Use snake to hold your pasta.

Source: tucko29
#8. If your car is getting noisy lately, just turn up the volume on the radio.

#9. Like they said, “If it works, it ain’t stupid.”

Source: maharaja17
#10. How to cut a bagel in half perfectly. Remember the finger.

#11. Bring lots of puppies to get rid of people asking for help.

#12. Pro tip: If you stir coconut oil into your kale, it makes it easier to scrape into the trash.

Source: Boobooloo
#13. Having a shitty day? Put on glasses to have a shitty evening!

Source: SkillUpYT
#14. Perfect for those who feel lonely today.

#15. Nailed it!

Source: robotrowboat
#16. Get bit by a rattlesnake to remove wrinkles.

Source: kyletells
#17. How to magnify the screen if your phone is small.

Source: gabewil
#18. Want to turn your soda into diet? Just push the button.

Source: osher32
#19. Perfect tip for saving money.

#20. Need to worry about viruses anymore. Use an slice of onion and slip it.

Source: thejogging
#21. Add glitter on your mouth to make sneezing magical.

#22. Sink full of dirty dishes? Put some clean dishes in the dishrack to look like you are working on it.

Source: TheJoePilato
#23. Another pro-tip.

Source: j0be
#24. Keep those wipers up to prevent parking inspectors from giving tickets.

Source: untitled02
#25. Shift from 5th gear to R (it means racing) to maximize horsepower.

#26. Turn on those Hazard Lights and get immune to traffic law.

Source: jtumbaco5
#27. If you want to eat and brush at the same time, do this.

#28. You no longer have to replace tires. Retread them by doing this.

Source: mike_pants
#29. How to achieve the “Hands-Free Selfie.”

Source: ripeinmay
#30. How to get out of a boring conversation? Moonwalk away. People will think you are walking towards them when you are actually leaving.

#31. When all the cups are dirty and you are too lazy to clean one.

#32. Tear a strip off a plastic cup to make a convenient handle.

#33. This will save hundreds right away.

Source: daftlimmy
#34. If you do not have a flashlight, take a photo of the sunlight. You can use it to find you way in the dark.

Source: Samrulesan
#35. Want to get free meals? Try this.

Source: TheSlimyDog

Well, did these shitty life hacks give you a good laugh? We sure they did! Anyway, let us know what you think about this compilation in the comments below!

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