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25 Zip Tie Hacks That Can Help You Save Time And Money

I’ve never thought of #4 before.

Zip ties are just one of those things that seem to have an infinite amount of uses. Obviously, they’re good for tying groups of objects together, but that can mean so many things.

Zip ties were invented in 1958 for the purpose of corralling wiring on airplanes. Since that time, zip ties have found their way into many different industries because they’re inexpensive, easy to use, and surprisingly strong. Here are 25 easy zip tie hacks that can help you save time and money.

1. Secure your luggage.

2. Use zip ties instead of shoelaces.

3. Help your plants stand up straight.

4. Make tire chains to improve traction in the winter.

5. Cut diagonal notches along the sides of a zip tie and use it as a drain snake.

6. Tie-dye your t-shirt.

7. Create a handle for your cup.

8. Attach your chargers to their sockets so that you won’t have to hunt them down at night.

9. Keep the zipper up on your jeans.

10. Pack efficiently: roll your shirts and pants tightly and secure them with a zip tie.

11. Put your hair in a ponytail.

12. Make a bubble wand.

13. Keep your wires in order.

14. Keep your kids out of the cabinets.

15. Re-seal packages to keep your food from drying out.

16. Make hooks for a shower curtain.

17. Organize your cleaning tools.

18. Use zip ties to pack your chargers for a trip.

19. Make a lampshade.

20. Create a makeshift zipper pull in a pinch.

21. Keep lids on plastic containers when moving.

22. Attach pool noodles to a trampoline for safety.

23. Install a baby gate easily.

24. Hang ornaments with zip ties.

25. Attach a shoe organizer to a stroller to hold drinks for the whole family.

Of course, these are not the only uses for zip ties. These hacks listed above are just a few ideas that could save you from frustrations and a few extra trips to the store.

Home & DIY

Writing Aid Grip Teaches Kids How To Hold A Pencil Correctly

Help kids quickly learn the correct position for writing.

Learning to hold a pencil correctly is an important skill for preschoolers. Truth be told, many young children come to school still holding their pencil in a fist. While this is okay for toddlers who are just learning how to color, preschoolers and kindergarteners should be able to hold their pencil with their thumb and pointer finger.

Pencil grip is one of those things that is really hard to re-teach if kids initially learn it incorrectly. Thankfully, there’s a product in the market that could teach your kids how to hold a pencil properly, and it’s called, well, what else? “Pencil Grips.”


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Don’t be fooled! Real rich people don’t flood your social media feeds bragging about their lifestyle.

The media likes to paint a certain picture of what it means to be rich — huge mansions, expensive cars, luxurious items, and more. If you buy into that image, being rich may feel like an impossible dream.

But the truth is that most rich people live very normal lives. The only thing that sets them apart from those who are trying hard to be rich is that they live by a set of rules that help them manage their money. Here are 12 money saving tips that rich people follow.

1. The 24-hour rule.


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I want #18 ASAP!

You may think your bathroom is fine just the way it is, but the truth is your bathroom could be way more awesome. Considering how people spend a lot of time in there, it's no surprise that the bathroom has proved an inspiration for innovation.

Bathrooms are havens of calm and places to pamper ourselves after a hard day, so it’s important that it would make us feel relaxed and comfortable. With that said, here are 35 amazing inventions that can solve your bathroom woes and make it interesting and useful at the same time.

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