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25 Zip Tie Hacks That Can Help You Save Time And Money





Zip ties have infinite uses. People usually used them for tying things up, but their purpose is definitely more than just grouping objects together.

Zip ties were invented for a different purpose in the 1950s, but they quickly became a staple item in every household. They are inexpensive, strong, and very easy to use. Here are 25 easy zip tie hacks that can help you save time and money.

1. Keeps your luggage safe and secured.

2. Zip ties can be a shoelace replacement.

3. Helps plants to stand up straight.

4. Add to bike tires to not slip on the snow.

5. Drain snake.

6. Secure shirt for tie-dye projects.

7. DIY cup handle.

8. To keep chargers in place.

9. Prevent your old zipper from falling.

10. Compact packing.

11. Ponytail.

12. Your very own bubble wand.

13. Organize wires.

14. Keep cabinets closed.

15. Re-seal packages.

16. Make hooks for a shower curtain.

17. Hang your cleaning tools.

18. Pack your chargers neatly.

19. A beautiful DIY lampshade.

20. Makeshift zipper.

21. To lock plastic containers.

22. Adding pool noodles to a trampoline.

23. A baby gate can be installed easily with zip ties.

24. You can use zip ties to hang your ornaments for an added style to your tree.

25. Stroller Organizer. You can now bring all the stuff you need in one go.

Zip ties are so basic that we don’t really appreciate how much they have to offer. Despite its small size, zip ties can actually help you in so many ways. They are perfect for an easy or long-lasting fix, and they are amazing for DIY projects as they are cheap and readily available.

Of course, these are not the only uses for zip ties. These hacks listed above are just a few ideas that could save you from frustrations and a few extra trips to the store.

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