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COVID-19 Patients With High Blood Pressure Have Double The Risk of Dying, Study Says




  • A group of international researchers are warning that coronavirus patients with high blood pressure are twice more likely to die compared with others.
  • Apparently, about 30% of 2,866 Covid-19 patients in Wuhan died having the condition.

A new study has revealed that coronavirus patients with high blood pressure have double the risk of dying from the disease compared with those who do not. In an international study published by the European Heart Journal, we learn just how having high blood pressure risky can be, especially for those who get infected of the dreaded Covid-19.

According to an international research group, they found out that out of Wuhan’s 2,866 coronavirus patients, around 30% had high blood pressure – and it eventually contributed to their demise.

Take this as a warning if you have high blood pressure…

One of the study leads, Ling Tao of Xijing Hospital’s cardiology department, explained it this way:

“Soon after we started to treat Covid-19 patients in early February in Wuhan, we noticed that nearly half of the patients who died had high blood pressure, which was a much higher percentage compared to those with only mild Covid-19 symptoms.”

The virus claimed the lives of about 4% of patients with high blood pressure compared with only 1.1% of those without the condition. Also, 7.9% patients of those who stopped taking their medicines for blood pressure also ended up dying.

Fei Li, also a study lead, added that it’s crucial for patients with high blood pressure to keep in mind that they’re “at increase risk of dying from Covid-19.”

As an advice, he reminds them to “take good care of themselves” so as not to catch the virus during the pandemic.

People with hypertension problems should be extra cautious.

Meanwhile, here’s another doctor claiming there is ”very convincing evidence“ that patients with high blood pressure experience “worse outcomes when they develop (coronavirus) infections.”

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