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These Pieces of Furniture Serve Multiple Purposes, and they’re Simply Exquisite!





An ottoman that can be dismantled and turned into a complete set of table and chairs; a simple, wooden chair that can be transformed into a kitchen ladder; an entire wall that can hide your queen-sized bed—these are some ingenious ideas that can help maximize the space in your home.

Most people who live in small houses often wish to make the most out of the spaces in their homes. So, why not build these pieces of multi-purpose furniture that can help save room and money instead?

In the video posted by Marvin Coronel, you’ll see several clever design ideas that are suitable for people who would love to have just that. Pushing, pulling, and lifting these pieces of furniture may be a little trying for some, but it’s truly rewarding.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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H/T: Marvin Coronel via Facebook, CHPC New York City, Clei Resource Furniture

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