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Do You Know The Real Purpose of This Part of the Chopsticks?

You wouldn’t believe what that little tab at the end of chopsticks is really used for.


If you’re a fan of Chinese and Japanese take-out meals, you may have used chopsticks several times. If you’re dining at some fancy Asian restaurant, you may have been given a pair of non-disposable chopsticks.

But most of us who have used the disposable ones are familiar with that little tab at the end of the chopsticks.


We usually break the sticks apart, coupled with rubbing them together to remove any loose splinters, and proceed to chow down the delectable sushi or that sumptuous dumpling you ordered from the local Chinese restaurant. But what if you’ve been wrong all your life and learned that there’s actually a purpose for that little tab there?

That little tab was not placed there to keep those sticks together. The chopsticks are not meant to be broken apart just yet without doing this first, important (clever) step that Twitter user Trash Panda discovered.

Refer to the image below and let your mind be blown away.


Source: Twitter

Who would’ve thought that that little bit of wood may actually be useful? The tab needs to be separated from the chopsticks and then it doubles up as a chopsticks holder.

This should give you some place to put the sticks while you enjoy your drink. This way, it should keep your table and chopsticks clean. If you think you’ve been living a lie your whole life, you’re not alone.

A lot of people expressed their amazement at the new discovery and most of them were like, “Wait, What?”

Even this photo shows that this guy got it wrong.


Source: Inhabitat

Then again, if you use those fancier plastic- or metal-made chopsticks, you always have holders that have cute designs to depend on. Just like these:



Now that you’ve learned a new lesson, why not share this post and let other people know what that little tab’s real purpose is.

H/T: First to Know, Metro


You Should Never Post Online or Throw Away Your Airport Boarding Pass. Here’s Why.

Remember to keep your boarding pass in a safe place, or else…

During our flight, we need to take good care of our passports and boarding pass as these are among the most important things that we will need upon boarding. And while we consider a boarding pass an important component of our sojourn, we treat this piece of paper differently. Some people are so excited about the travel that they take pictures of their boarding pass and post in online. There are also some people who throw the boarding pass away while others leave it on their seats.

A boarding pass is just a piece of card that contains the name of the passenger, flight number, destination, seat number, and gate number so after the flight, most people think that throwing it anywhere, misplacing it, or even taking pictures of it is harmless.


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The Tragic Secret Behind Victoria’s Secret

Does Victoria’s Secret hold a dark secret? Yes, it actually does.

Sometime in the mid-1970s, a 30-year-old man named Roy Raymond walked into a department store to buy his wife lingerie. What he found in the store were floral, unappealing nightdresses that stuck out like a sore thumb under the fluorescent lights of the store. Add to this the piercing stare of the saleslady who made him feel like a pervert just for being there — the experience was truly appalling.

However, the experience was useful as it sparked a wonderful idea in Raymond’s mind. After realizing that his friends felt the same way when shopping for lingerie, he saw an opportunity to establish a market where basically none existed — he planned to build a lingerie store that would make men feel utterly comfortable.

Roy Raymond, founder of Victoria’s Secret.

Roy Raymond, founder of Victoria's Secret.

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Beware of “Kissing Bugs” They May Sound Cute But They Are Actually Dangerous

What this little bug has is much worse and often symptomless.

So I learned today that there’s a creature called the Kissing Bug. At first I thought it’s something like the Praying Mantis, which got its name for its posture that looks like as if it’s well, praying. Well, the Kissing Bug got it’s name because it likes to bite people around the eyes and mouth during sleep. If you think it sounds harmless and results to something like itchy mosquito bites, you’re dead wrong. There’s nothing adorable about the bug’s “kiss”; it leaves an infection called Chagas disease which affects humans and animals.

These bugs are becoming infamous for a potential kiss of death… and what’s more disturbing is they could be nesting near you. This little bug passes along a pretty serious parasitic infection to both humans and animals alike, that if left untreated can cause congestive heart failure. Some experts are even calling it the “new HIV/AIDS of the Americas”. It’s no surprise that they’re also known by the more appropriate name, Assassin Bugs.

If you’ve seen this bug near you, look out for fever, headache, enlarged lymph glands, muscle pain, difficulty breathing, swollen abdomen, chest pain, or weakness and fatigue to name just a few.

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Experts Rate 20 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World

Some countries stand out since they possess beauty you simply can’t fail to notice.

Different people find different things attractive about an individual. Case in point, there are those who prefer someone who has a great sense of humor while there are others who love those with a free spirit or who sees the world differently, but it’s no secret that most attraction starts with someone’s physical beauty.

It is worth noting that we all have our own preferences, so there is no actual scientific way to prove that a girl looks prettier than others. Beautiful women can be found all over the world but some countries stand out since they possess beauty you simply can’t fail to notice, according to experts at who analyzed the most prominent beauty pageants of 2018 and identified the 20 countries with the most beautiful women in the world.

20. The Netherlands

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Penguin Wears A Backpack and Walks To The Fish Market Everyday To Fetch Dinner

One of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Okay, we’ve seen different types of animals walking down the street and entering houses or commercial establishments. We become amazed especially when it involves animals that you normally wouldn’t expect to see walking around the city.

So imagine what your reaction will be if you see this adorable penguin in Japan WEARING A BACKPACK and walking to a fish store to FETCH DINNER.


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