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Clever Man Uses One First Class Plane Ticket to Eat Free for a Year

The man turned his China Eastern Airlines first class plane ticket into a passport for superb free meals.

Faye Williams





For many of us, going to the airport can be a stressful ordeal. You’re sure to experience some discomfort during your journey — especially if it’s going to be a long flight. Then again, things are infinitely better when you have a first class plane ticket. In fact, one man found a way to turn it into a “meal card.” Indeed, Chinese-language newspaper Kwong Wah Yit Poh reports that one man decided to make the most of the benefits of his first class access.

The man bought a first class plane ticket for a China Eastern Airlines flight. His ticket was fully refundable and offered free re-booking. Moreover, one of the ticket’s perks was complimentary meal at the China Eastern Airlines VIP Lounge at the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.

Xi'an International Airport is the largest air transport hub in northwest China.

At that time, the man took advantage of the fact that China Eastern Airlines didn’t put any restrictions on the ticket’s benefits. The fact that free re-booking was offered was already a big deal. That made it possible for him to come up with his plan.

So, the man went to the China Eastern Airlines VIP Lounge at the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. He showed his first class plane ticket and they let him in. Then, he was served a first class meal and given a first class dining experience.

The VIP Lounge was the man's "final destination.."

After he was done eating the complimentary meal at the VIP Lounge, the man went to the China Eastern Airlines desk. Instead of taking his supposed flight, he had it re-booked for the next day.

As you may have guessed by now, the man simply repeated his own “airport cycle.” He came to the airport, enjoyed the complimentary meal at the VIP lounge, had his flight re-booked for the next day, and went home. The next day, he would come back to repeat the very same cycle.

China Eastern Airlines decided not to reveal the man's name to the public.

The man was able to repeat his freebie cycle 300 times before China Eastern Airlines called his attention about it.

The New York Post. reported:

“When China Eastern Airlines officials confronted him, and the human meal ticket stopped chowing down. The freeloader ended up cashing in his fully refundable ticket and getting back all his money.”

Ultimately, China Eastern Airlines officials admitted there was actually “nothing they could do to stop the frequent diner.” Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for the carrier remarked that the man’s freeloading scheme was a “rare act.”

So yeah, maybe it’s time for China Eastern Airlines officials to impose some limits on the benefits they give their first class plane ticket holders. Perhaps, they can limit the free re-booking privilege to be valid for up to 50 times only?

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Teens Sent to Hospital After Eating Gummy Bears Laced with Drugs

Eleven teens suffered from hallucinations, rapid heart rate, blurred vision and leg pain after eating gummy bears.

Anne Dominguez



Parents beware. Those colorful and cute-looking sweets may pose threat to your children. About a dozen of teenagers in Northwest Indiana fell ill after eating drug-laced gummy bears.

According to the police report, the sweets contained active ingredient in cannabis. The THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content in the gummy bears was very strong that the teenagers reported having hallucinations, rapid heart rate, blurred vision and leg pain.

They look like ordinary gummy bears but they contain high levels of THC, the main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana.

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Fan Easily Crashes McGregor-Mayweather Press Conference Using Fake Credentials!

Security wasn’t that tight, after all.




Zac Alsop is a man with a very useful skill – he can sneak into major sporting events by passing himself off as a crew member or athlete. He makes YouTube videos of his exploits and his latest stunt involves none other than the crème de la crème of sporting events this year – the super-hyped bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Now THAT fight has yet to happen and they are just about wrapping up the press conferences and Zac, who is a huge McGregor fan, was able to crash a London press conference using just fake credentials!

How did he do it? The easiest way to get in would be to have either a legitimate guest or promoter’s pass for the presser and Zac made BOTH for himself. See, Floyd Mayweather's driver uploaded photos of the passes which the ever-resourceful Zac downloaded, printed, and laminated on a machine that he purchased for this purpose.

All it took was an Instagram photo of the pass from Mayweather's driver!

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Dumped Teen Photoshops Ryan Reynolds Over Her Ex In Prom Photos

Gabi Dunn came up with a funny revenge on her ex-boyfriend who split up with her two days after their prom.

Donna Marie Padua



Women do come up with tons of funny outlets whenever they get their hearts broken. While men would usually only drink up the pain with their bros, ladies probably have over have a million of different ways on expressing their torment - or their anger.

The crazy thing here is when girls choose to take their dramas to social media but end up being instant celebrities. Facebook and Twitter are only two of the many platforms which are overly crowded with rants of ladies facing relationship troubles. At times, we would even want to slam our phones for reading such utter non-sense where some women would make a scene out of not getting SMS replies from their men!

So while most would make a similar fuss out of their unfortunate break ups, this 18-year-old girl took the upper hand as she came up with a classy way of getting back at her ex-boyfriend.

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