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After a Dog Died in a Hot Car, This Chef Did This and it’s Going Viral





People, especially parents, should never leave their kids alone inside the car. We have seen the dangers of such mistake with grave consequences. However, this rule doesn’t apply to humans alone, for the lives of our beloved dogs are also at stake.

Several dogs died inside a hot car while their owners accidentally left them longer than they should to go somewhere or grab something to eat. Sadly, a few minutes we take away from our ‘fur babies’ could mean a life we can never take back.

Rabie Hijazi, a chef at Hayat restaurant in Salzburg is all too familiar with customers leaving their dogs in their cars while they run in for a ‘quick’ bite and what he did to change that is really inspiring. Being a dog lover himself, Rabie knew he needed to take action to avoid such misfortune and save the dogs from danger.

Aside from making his guests happy, chef  and dog lover Rabie Hijazi is also concerned about the safety of his customers’ pet dogs.


After hearing the story about a 14-month-old boxer named Fidgi who died because his owners left him in a hot car while shopping, he felt compelled to take action.


Photo credit: YouTube
As he is also used to customers leaving their dogs inside the car to  grab something to eat, he then left this note in the lobby of the restaurant which quickly gone viral on Facebook.


The message says,

Dear Guest,

Please do not leave your dog in the hot car just because you want to ‘quickly’ get something to eat. Bring your dog with you. We have a large terrace with sandy beach and ‘man’s best friend’ can stay and drink as much as he/she wants.

The Havat Team

This is how the terrace looks like. Dogs with their owners will surely love this place. Cool!


Chef Rabie, including his team, should be commended. We really need more people like them to spread kindness to every being. Well done!

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