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Comedy Duo Dances On Stage With Nothing But Frying Pans And Chef’s Hats! Hilarious!





The best performances in the world appeal to the audience not just because of amazing display of craft and expertise. Sometimes, a dose of humor, is also essential in making a performance successful. Creativity is key and even if the act is a simple dance or song number, it would surely make a great impact to a lot of viewers.

We found this video of a comedy duo, who faced quite an elegant batch of audience. They went up the stage wearing nothing but a pair of socks and a chef’s hat. To cover their private parts, they held two frying pans each. The quirky song started playing and the next we know, the audience are having a grand time.

Watch the video here:

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It is amazing how such a simple act can go a long way. We are sure this performance is one of the most memorable numbers during the evening.

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Credits: Patrick Sébastien via Rachfeed

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