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Guy Yells At Restaurant Chef Who Made His Chicken For The Best Reason Ever





Have you ever been to a restaurant where people were rude to the servers and kitchen crew? Sometimes it doesn’t go as you originally thought. One guy decided to yell at a chef who made his chicken at a busy fast food stop. Interestingly, he did it because he had the best reason.

The video shows several people dining at the restaurant. Suddenly, a man stood up and yelled, “Who made this chicken?” The other customers were immediately shocked by the outburst, turning to the servers in confusion. When someone asked the guy why he was asking, he revealed the reason why he was making a scene.

Watch what happens when this guy yells at the chef:

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The video was made by Instagram user CHXN (CHIN) when he was out with his friends. CHXN claims he got extremely passionate about the chicken at a Nando’s in West London that he just had to shout about his appreciation for the chef.

Needless to say, the video has gone viral since CHXN posted it on Instagram. People also applauded his actions and pointed out that restaurant staff are often underappreciated.

“How many people actually thank the chef or cooks after eating a good meal? Many people actually don’t anymore – you may tell your server but who knows if they pass along the message,” one comment read. “It’s loud but I still love it lol gave everyone in the room a laugh also.”

This isn’t the first prank CHXN played on social media.

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CHXN is also known for playing pranks on Instagram. Nevertheless, this is one prank that had people laughing and also considering giving their compliments to the chef.

It is still unclear how the chef at Nando’s reacted to the sudden outburst. We’re hoping that they at least got a chuckle out of the incident.

You can follow CHXN on Instagram @chxnman_tv to see more of his hilarious pranks.

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