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Teen Girl Uses ‘Superhuman Strength’ to Lift Burning Truck Off Her Dad

Clearly the female version of The Hulk. Whoever said superheroes aren’t real!


What would you be willing to do to save a loved one in danger? Apparently for Charlotte Heffelmire, she’d go as far as carrying a truck – even a burning one, at that.

Based in Northern Virginia, Charlotte recently achieved online fame after news about how she heroically saved her father and family spread on the web. Merely 19 years of age, she managed to lift a heavy pick-up truck after her dad Eric got stuck under the flaming vehicle.

Eric was, at the time, has just removed one of the wheels when the jack supporting the truck suddenly slipped, leaving him pinned down to the ground. To make matters worse, the leaking immediately caught some fire.

Eric got pinned down by the truck after the jack supporting the vehicle suddenly slipped.

charlotte-heffelmire 1

Source: NBC News

In an interview with NBC News, Eric described that they “had a bunch of propane containers and they were cooking off – just fireballs.”

He was at that awful situation for at least 10 minutes until his daughter rescued her.

Although she was barefoot, Charlotte rushed to him and started to do the impossible.

Eric recalled:

“I felt the weight shift, and I said, ‘You almost got it,’ and then it was just UGHHHHHHRRR, and suddenly I’m pulled out.”

Fortunately, his 19-year-old daughter Charlotte saved him and prevented fire to engulf their house.

charlotte-heffelmire 2

Source: NBC News

After seeing that the gas tank would likely explode and set their house on fire, Charlotte bravely took the driver’s seat and steered the truck away. She then got hold of their garden house and started spraying the house until the firefighters came.

Charlotte’s grandmother and niece were able to get out of the house. She, on the other hand, suffered burns to her hands and feet and a back injury. In the mean time, she has been advised not to return to the Air Force Academy.

Charlotte was awarded the Citizen Lifesaving Award by the Fairfax County fire department.

charlotte-heffelmire 3

Source: NBC News

Charlotte said:

“If I can’t do any of the military branches, then probably just intelligence or government work. Right now I’m just healing up and making sure the family is okay.”

You can watch the report here:

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Guy Hides Marriage Proposal in Every Photo With Pregnant Girlfriend

This is the cutest marriage proposal ever!

It seems like guys are getting more and more creative in their ways to get their girlfriends to say yes to their proposals. They’ve become very slippery, too. 38-year old fish delivery driver, Ray Smith, searched online for unusual ways to deliver the most important question to the love of his life.

The unsuspecting Claire

The unsuspecting Claire

Source: Ross Parry

“I searched online for unusual proposals and I saw ideas like flash mobs and that sort of thing,” Smith told Metro. “So I decided to come up with my own idea to take a picture every day for five months.” Coincidentally, Claire Bramley, was pregnant with their child when Ray thought of doing his personal project. He took a total of 148 photos of him and his girlfriend with a card that reads “will you marry me?” written on it hidden in different angles. There were instances when Claire would ask to see the photo so Ray had to take two photos to make sure she didn’t see the one with the proposal.

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$1.58 Billion Powerball Jackpot to be Shared by Three Winners!

Record breaking Powerball jackpot won! Check your lottery tickets you might be the next winner.

There are 292 million possible combinations to win the Powerball jackpot of $1.58 Billion.

The prize was amounting to $40 million last November 4 and has climbed to $1.5Billion.

It was reported that whoever wins the top prize will have 2 choices, either the winner will be paid $4 million monthly for the next 29 years or will get a solid $930 million thanks to the 0% tax on California lottery winnings.

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Fearless Teen Rides Motorcycle With One Wheel

A teenage boy shows off his mad riding skills on a motorcycle with just one wheel.

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. So, what happens when people in search of the ultimate adrenaline rush become obsessed with doing something that nobody else has done before? Well, chances are, they'll come up with something extremely dangerous.

That's probably what happened when the teenage boy in this video and, perhaps, some of his equally daring friends thought about what they could do with a motorcycle.

We're left speechless by this stunt.

We're left speechless by this stunt.

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