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CCTV Footage Shows Waitress Using Customer’s Hotdog As Tampon Before Serving It





We have heard about ill-mannered waiters and waitresses in the past but this one may be the most disgusting story so far. Just imagine how you would react if someone ‘played’ with your food before serving it on your plate – and you are totally unaware about it.

What do we mean by ‘played’, you ask? Well, this nasty waitress decided she’d use a hotdog as a tampon before putting it back on plate, putting a little ketchup, and then bringing it to the customer. She can also be seen looking around to ensure no one witnessed her dirty deed.

In a CCTV footage posted on YouTube, we see how the naughty waitress inserting the meat into her vagina.

Source: via YouTube
Someone must have terribly pissed her off!

Source: via YouTube

If that’s the case though, that still shouldn’t be enough to justify what she just did.

You can watch the video here:

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Unsurprisingly, the video immediately went viral, gaining numerous comments from netizens everywhere.

One Micki Star wrote:

“THIS is very disgusting. She need to go to JAIL and be fired!”

Javier Vallejo commented:

“Fucking sick. Only one that orders hotdogs at restaurants are KIDS. Lock this bitch away.”

Meanwhile, TheSorrowLand looked at the bright side and hilariously pointed out:

“Well, the customer was lucky enough that she didn’t put it in her anus.”

Unfortunately for the rest of us though, the identity of the waitress or even the name of the restaurant wasn’t mentioned in the report we found over at Unilad, leaving us entirely clueless about which diner to avoid.

So I guess the best thing to do is to only eat home-cooked hotdogs for now? Seriously, watching this video is making me hesitate to dine out.

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