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Guy’s Wicked Treadmill Dance Will Totally Funk You Up!





People have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. Getting on the treadmill is one of the best ways to get cardio exercise but the downside is, spending an hour or more on the machine can be tiring and repetitive. Not if you do it like Carson Dean. He uploaded his video called “The Best Cardio Workout” on YouTube and man, it was the most awesome treadmill moves I’ve ever seen.

Totally wicked! With Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk on the background, Carson jumps, slides, skips, and lifts himself off the ground (with the help of the treadmill handles) while walking steadily on the machine. The awesome thing is, he made it look so easy and effortless but we all know that if us regular folks attempt to bust some moves on the treadmill, we would just slide off the darn machine and crash into the ground. So yeah, don’t attempt to do this unsupervised unless you have mad skills like Carson.

Watch how Carson worked the treadmill.

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