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The British Royal Family Actually Works Regular Jobs

I didn’t know this fact about the Queen!






When we think of Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, we think of sophisticated people waving elegantly at the commoners. Is that the only thing that they do? Actually, no.

As a matter of fact, the real-life Royal family has regular jobs like the rest of us. Despite their status in life, they are not exempted from doing their obligations.

1. Queen Elizabeth

Source: CNN

Queen Elizabeth II is mostly known as the head of the British Royal family, but only few people know that she’s a trained mechanic. When she was 18 years old, Her Majesty joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II.

2. The Duke of Edinburgh

Source: Reuters

Prince Phillip, the husband, and consort of Queen Elizabeth II, spends most of his time accompanying his bride on many of her engagements. But he also has his own events, giving speeches for 5,493 times to be exact. He also calls himself the “world’s most experienced plaque unveiler.”

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were honor students at St. Andrews University. Prince William earned a degree in geography and works as an air ambulance pilot. Kate landed a job as an assistant accessories’ buyer in London. They are also hands-on parents to George, Charlotte, and Louis.

4. Princess Anne

Princess Anne is an accomplished equestrian. She was the first member of the royal family to compete in the Olympics.

5. Prince Harry

Source: CBS

The Duke of Sussex held the rank of lieutenant and was promoted to Captain. Although he already completed his active serive, Prince Harry still continues to be a volunteer.

6. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

Beatrice is a businesswoman, while Eugenie works as an associate director at the art gallery in London. They are known for being social butterflies.


Welsh Village Name With Over 20 Spelling Variations Confuses Visitors and Delivery Drivers

Four are still commonly used today.




In rural Wales, the small village of Trellech stands unique. Its name has more than 20 spelling variations, with four still in use today. Trellech in Monmouthshire, with fewer than 3,000 people, has signs around the area containing different spellings of its name, which often leaves visitors puzzled.

The spellings vary from Trelech, Trelleck, as well as Trellech and Tryleg (the official spellings in English and Welsh). An old map uses the variation Trylegh.

While it is not unusual for places to have numerous historical spelling variations, it is unique that Trellech has four that are still commonly used up to this day.

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How To Deal With A Toxic Relationship If Cutting Ties Is Out Of The Question

Sometimes, we are left with no choice but stick it out with them.

Vincent Alocada



While cutting ties seems to be the most sensible thing to do when you find a person toxic, it is easier said than done with certain people in your life, including your partner, friends, or even boss. So, does this mean that you just have to live with toxicity simply because you can’t kick them out of your life?

Well, not exactly as psychology experts have given a few tips on how to deal with people whose existence seem impossible if they can’t put you through hell, intentionally or otherwise.

According to Dr. Adam L. Fried, a clinical psychologist from Phoenix and an assistant professor of psychology at Midwestern University, the word “toxic relationship” is not a formal word that psychologists use. However, many mental health experts use the term in describing a type of dysfunctional relationship in which one or both individuals end up feeling negative emotions after their interaction.

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5 Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship And How To Fix Them

Women should completely stop doing #3




A relationship is not just about love and affection; it is also about two individuals choosing to spend their life together. Unfortunately, many times women make some terrible mistake that actually cost them their own relationship.

It’s no secret that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship since fights and misunderstandings will always be a part of it. However, there are things that you can do to avoid certain mistakes that can utterly destroy your relationship.

1. First date: Jumping into a relationship too quickly

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