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12 Photos That Show How Media Can Manipulate The Truth





We all have our opinions about a certain person or event. But whatever our take is on the matter, the unfortunate truth is that our basis is mostly influenced by the media.

However, we know that there’s definitely more than one side of the story. Here are 12 photos that show how media can sometimes manipulate the truth.

1. When you’re looking at a different angle.

This photo was taken when Prince William and Kate Middleton presented their third Royal Baby, Prince Louis of Cambridge, to the world. This is a solid proof that you shouldn’t believe everything that you see because if the second photo didn’t exist, then people would be very disappointed with the Duke of Cambridge for allegedly losing his temper.

2. The story sometimes depends on how a photo is cropped.

U.S. Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit were helping an Iraqi soldier with water from a canteen in Southern Iraq, March 21, 2003.

3. TV news station.

Just like a homebased freelancer!

4. Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

5. Hillary Clinton’s rally in Omaha.

6. Soldiers playing with kids.

7. Conservative leader Theresa May launches the Party’s campaign bus in Northumberland.

Yet another advantage of a closer shot. Now every time you see a full-packed rally, campaign or others on TV, you shouldn’t take in in face value right away.

8. Photographer Ruben Salvador covered the conflict between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths.

The picture above was staged in cooperation with a young Palestinian.

9. Pro-immigration protest.

10. Tax protest in Paris.

11. Hillary Clinton’s Event In Ohio

12. It’s all in the cropping.

Unfortunately, media has the power to feed us any information that they wanted by manipulating us with their own way of telling the story. Sometimes, they would go as far as cropping a photo to make it look like a certain way, and we end up believing it.

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