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Bride Gets Mocked By Netizens For Her ‘Tiny’ Engagement Ring

“It’s so small you shouldn’t bother wearing it.”


Engagement rings are an odd concept. If you’re already going to get a wedding ring once you tie the knot, why do you need a symbolic ring to let everyone know that it’s going to happen? And once it does happen, why does the engagement ring not then come off? You’re not engaged anymore – you’re married, right?

Despite that confusion, the engagement ring is one of the most important aspects of the marriage process for some people, with certain individuals applying emotional significance to the diamond size in particular. To these people, an extravagant or a plain ring represents their overall relationship.

With that said, a bride-to-be was brutally mocked when she shared a picture of her engagement ring on social media. The ring was bought on Etsy and seller call it the “Minimalist band.” It costs $132 and features a single diamond on a 14 karat-gold band.

The woman shared her delight on a Facebook wedding group page.

She said:

“My bf and I ordered my ring online and I am in LOVE with it!”

But her post has racked up hundreds of comments, and people aren’t as impressed with the ring as she is. Instead of getting support from fellow women, they have compared her dream ring to tin foil, a key ring, and even a paper clip.

Some of the comments read:

“Why even bother having a diamond there?”

“Take the key ring off your finger and show us the ring you ordered online.”

“It’s so small you shouldn’t bother wearing it.”

“I have assembled my colleagues of world-class physicists and astronomers, we are building new instrumentation so we can see your f****** ring.”

What people need to realize, however, is that not everyone is into that kind of lifestyle. What matters most is that the bride is happy with her ring.

After all, size shouldn’t matter.


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