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Guy Creates Awesome Scooters From VW Beetle Fenders




  • Brent Walter, a self-described “maker and builder” of things, has created the Volkspod, a scooter made from Volkswagen Beetle wheel hubs.
  • The customized motorcycle has since received a lot of attention on Instagram and elsewhere.

Perhaps no other car is as easily recognizable as the Volkswagen Beetle. We can all spot it from a mile away!

Although the company has already confirmed that they’re ending production of the VW Beetle, it’s just amazing how the vehicle’s iconic design continues to be a favorite among retro car enthusiasts.

Now one guy recently gained a lot of attention online because of his awesome scooters made from parts of old VW Beetles.

Brent Walter, who describes himself on Instagram as a “maker and builder of a variety of things,” has created a customized scooter using VW Beetle fenders. He calls his creations the Volkspod and it definitely looks modern yet nostalgic at the same time.

In a Bored Panda article, Brent said that he built the Volkspod because he wanted “a scooter to take to VW shows” and that’s where everything began.

He proceeded with the project and documented everything on his Instagram. The result has just been so unique both motorcycle and VW enthusiasts couldn’t help but stare.

He has since built two VW-inspired scooters, a green and a blue.

According to Brent, the green one is equipped with a 79cc motor “and is more for looks than it is practical” while the blue “has more ground clearance and a 212cc motor” so it performs much better.

Check out some of the photos below:

YouTuber Cory Turner of the Cory Turner Talks Cars channel says the Volkspod is a “a cool way of owning a little bit of Volkswagen history and to have a real cool scooter.”

Now watch this short video to see the Volkspod in action:

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