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30 Profound Artworks That Depict The Harsh Realities Of Modern Society

Belgium-based artist Brecht Vandenbroucke produces some very thought-provoking illustrations.

Mark Andrew





It’s always amazing how art manages to convey profound messages in very simple ways. When done right, an illustration can make its spectators ponder or even motivate them to action.

I guess we can say that about the work of Brecht Vandenbroucke, an artist from Belgium, who has been gaining a lot of attention online as of late. His pieces are almost always satirical and they depict the dark, gloomy reality of living in our modern society. They’re thought-provoking and haunting at the same time!

Go scroll down below and see for yourself:

#1. The Human Race

#2. It’s all a matter of perspective

#3. Would they even matter when we die?

#4. The Noise

#5. How to enjoy a concert

#6. We’ve all become too lazy

#7. Thinking has become a lost art

#8. Democracy

#9. This is how country feuds have divided us

#10. Labels

#11. What’s on your mind?

#12. Critical thinking

#13. Walking the thin line

#14. No one wants an honest artist

#15. First Date

#16. Adults are sometimes underestimating young minds

#17. Cleaning the streets

#18. Discrimination against gays, disabled, refugees, etc.

#19. When the big companies take over

#20. Friends

#21. Theater

#22. Every kid deserves some outdoor time

#23. Nothing

#24. For Sale

#25. Full-time employee, part-time family member

#26. Guilty pleasure

#27. The walls that keep us apart

#28. TV boxes

#29. Freedom

#30. The masks that entertainers have to wear

For more of the artist’s work, you can follow him on Instagram or check out his art blog.


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The giant just happened to be a geoglyph – a large design created on the desert floor. It measured 4.2 kilometers tall and 28 kilometers at its perimeter, making it the largest single geoglyph in the world.

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Mark Andrew



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Yigal Ozeri is on that level.

Source: yigal ozeri

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Kat Lozada



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Autumn during her much younger years doing what she loves most - painting.

At the very tender age of 5, Autumn has started showing signs of greatness. She began painting at this age. She stepped into an art studio and the rest, as they say, is history. She has since created so many pieces that are just so inspiring.

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