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He’s Wrapped Up Like A Mummy. When I Saw Why, I Lost It!





All of us have dreams and aspirations in life but sometimes events happen and we are left with no choice but to forgo our goals. Such is the case of 14-year-old boy, Jonathan Pitre from Russel, Ontario. He may seem like a typical teenager at first – fascinated with sports and hopefully wanted to be an athlete himself someday. Unfortunately, he has a rare skin disease that has barred him from reaching the pinnacle of his life goal. Diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), he has to live his life in pain – with the excruciating sensation haunting him even while he is asleep. We think his story is so powerful that we have to share it to the world.

Watch his video here:

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Credits: TSN Tube via The San Francisco Globe

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