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Body Building Gone Wrong: This Guy’s Big Muscles Look Absolutely Ridiculous!

Just goes to prove that there are no shortcuts in bodybuilding.

Mark Andrew





What do you do if you’re thin and you constantly get bullied for your figure? This Portuguese dude named Valdir clearly wanted revenge and so he took time to enhance his body.

The guy appeared on “A Transformação Mais Incrível,” a Brazilian TV show that features the most extreme bodies in the world. Judging from Valdir’s look, it seems they really do not have to look further anymore. This man is probably the best example of the word “extreme” – and actually, that’s not a positive thing. His muscles lack proper proportion and so he looks more disgusting than impressive.

Valdir proudly showed his disfigured muscles to the TV audience.

valdir-body-building-gone-wrong 1

Photo credit: People

During his appearance on the show, Valdir was obviously proud of his new body, even flexing his humongous biceps and moving his pecs.

As previously mentioned, it’s really not something that will blow your socks off. It really looks ridiculous.

Since they spoke their native language on the video, a YouTube user took the liberty to translate it. According to him:

“(Valdir) says he wanted to get big so he ‘also’ used anabolic steroids and actually wants to get even bigger, especially in the legs. He also adds that he is very happy and proud of his body. He says he does not recommend it to anyone as well, but he loves it, that’s why he does it.”

Many believe that Valdir used synthol to have those muscles.

valdir-body-building-gone-wrong 2

Photo credit: People

Majority of those who have seen the video believe that Valdir injected his body with synthol. If that is true, then he is in a great risk since that muscle filler can lead to cysts, infections, never damage, pulmonary embolisms, and other serious health issues.

KMo / Starbrethren commented:

“He used synthol. Straight up. I don’t care if he denies it, it’s exceptionally obvious that he did.”

Others even pointed out that Valdir forgot to enhance his abs and forearms. It’s absolutely an epic fail no matter how you look at it!

Seriously, if you want to have a better body, you need to enhance it the right way.

Watch this video feature below:

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