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A Dog Ran Loose in a Highway. You Will Never Guess What the Motorists Did.





This will restore your faith back in humanity. A California highway was rattled one afternoon when a group of commuters unknowingly united to help save a dog running loose. One biker in particular chased after the dog while capturing the entire event in a video.

The footage documented the commotion among the motorists, who politely stopped and took turns on the road, without minding the traffic jam caused by the whole scenario. The most heartwarming part is the continuous effort of the biker to stop the dog from running away, by following it everywhere, and even calling the dog “buddy”. Amazingly, he was not alone in this endeavor as other motorists drove with caution to ensure that the dog remains safe on the road.

Be warned: this video contains strong language.

Watch the video:

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Although the video did not clearly capture what exactly happened to the dog, we are still left in awe, and we hope that the dog is now safe with its family. Watch the unbelievable video below, and have something to smile and feel good about. Do not forget to share this video, and pass the positivism around!

Source: The SuperestDuke via SFGlobe

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