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Biker Begs for Life After A Herd of Elephants Corner Him

The sound of the motorbike apparently agitated the herd.


An unidentified biker was seen begging for his life after a herd of wild elephants cornered him at Khao Yai National Park.

In the video below, a man was spotted attempting to drive past a herd of elephants. The largest, believed to be the matriarch, suddenly charged at him prompting the rest of the herd to do the same.

Surprisingly, the biker just stood next to his bike and bowed to the elephants as a sign of respect.

It is believed that the elephants were agitated by the sound of the motorbike driving them to charge at the man in order to protect their youngs.


Photo credit: CEN via Mirror UK

Luckily, the man escaped the dangerous encounter unharmed and without the need for intervention.

Because of the incident, Khao Yai National Park changed its closing time from 9pm to 6pm in an attempt to reduce encounters between humans and elephants.

Past reports tell us about several elephant attacks at the park. Just last year, an elephant stomped a Vios car, while a sexually aroused elephant dry-humped a Mercedes.

Meanwhile, a report by Thai Visa revealed that motorcycle enthusiasts will have a meeting with Khao Yai National Park to discuss ways to prevent loud vehicles from disturbing wild animals.

Watch the video below.

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Watching These Dogs on Wheel Carts Enjoy Playing Fetch is Absolutely Heartwarming

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A heartwarming video of dogs in wheel carts made rounds on social media in 2014. Rina, and her other disabled dog friends, can't help but enjoy playing fetch with their owner Gritta Goetz.

You see, Rina was once a victim of abuse as she was used by her old owners as a target in Bulgaria. About 20 bullets were removed from her body and two of those bullets were inoperable as they were stuck in her spinal canal. Since then, she started using a wheel cart so she could walk.

It was not an easy recovery for Rina, and it took a year before she went out of her safe box. However, today, Rina is now playful and fearless, and she enjoys playing fetch with the other dogs Gritta has rehabilitated.

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It is equally astonishing to watch these loyal creatures act and react the way we would too. Hence, whenever there are videos of these adorable dogs displaying the most amazing and human-like skills, they usually become an online sensation.

Have you ever seen a dog climb down a ladder like an ordinary individual?

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