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The 58 Best Tiny Houses Right Now

These should inspire you to downsize immediately.


The idea behind tiny dates back to the infamous Hurricane Katrina, particularly when the government declared around 90,000 square miles of land. And during that horrific time, many homes were devastated by the unforgiving floods and winds.

Fast forward to today, this has become a massive cultural movement, thanks to the Tiny House Movement. More and more people are building their own tiny houses. Some have even sold their larger homes and decided to live in tiny ones.

The idea to build a 300-square foot home has taken the entire world by storm (pun not intended).

If the desire to simplify life interests you, then perhaps you can join the movement. In the meantime, why not enjoy these little treats we have for you. We here at Elite Readers have compiled a list of some of the best and most beautiful tiny houses across the world. We are pretty sure you are going to love them!

#1. Rustic Farmhouse

#2. Deck Design

#3. Transformed Garage

#4. Historic Cottage

#5. Mushroom Dome

#6. Shingled Cottage

#7. Rooftop Deck

#8. Silo Studio

#9. Handmade Touch

#10. Storage Galore

#11. Pizza Paradise

#12. Winter Wonderland

#13. Nantucket Boathouse

#14. Shippable Digs

#15. Pet Palace

#16. Entertaining Space

#17. Shepherd's Hut

#18. Romantic Venue

#19. Garden Cabin

#20. Bold Interior

#21. Mountaintop Hideway

#22. Historic Cottage

#23. Separate Studio

#24. Drifter's Paradise

#25. Copper Cottage

#26. Spirit Shelter

#27. Floating Getaway

#28. Copy Cats

#29. Two-Story Home

#30. Trailer to Treasure

#31. Antique Materials

#32. Toxin-Free in Texas

#33. Tiny Hotel

#34. Three-Story Magic

#35. Styled Interior

#36. Wooden Bungalow

#37. Guest-Friendly

#38. Unique Treehouse

#39. Oceanside Retreat

#40. Finnish Lake

#41. Complete Seclusion

#42. Corn Crib

#43. Movable Home

#44. Elegant Cabin

#45. Historical Significance

#46. Glass Display

#47. Ski Haven

#48. Calm Escape

#49. Western Charm

#50. Weekend Getaway

#51. Tiny Farmhouse Style

#52. Deceptively Large

#53. Nature Hideout

#54. Unique Shape

#55. Victorian Farmhouse

#56. The KC 544

#57. Living Roof

#58. Bay Location

If these tiny houses do not inspire you, then nothing else will. Just look how small yet awe-inspiring they are. If given the chance, would you build or buy a tiny house? How would it look like? Be sure to share your ideas with us in the comments below!


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