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11 Of The World’s Best Noodle Dishes

Which of these have you tried?


Many cultures embrace noodles as one of the best comfort foods there is. There are different ways to prepare them – served in a warm, rich broth, drenched in a tasty sauce and even stir-fried.

When you talk about noodles, what easily comes to mind are ramen and the Italian pasta, but there are plenty more options that you can choose from. How many different types have you tried? In whichever manner they were prepared, noodles can bring gastronomic satisfaction. Here are 11 of the best noodle dishes from around the world.

#1. Chow mein

This versatile noodle dish from China is prepared by stir-frying using different kinds of meats. At the same time, it can also be served as a vegetarian dish. There’s more texture when the dish is cooked Hong Kong-style as it uses thin, crispy egg noodles.

#2. Cacio e pepe

This classic Italian noodle dish uses tonnarelli, or pasta made with eggs, which makes this spaghetti-like dish chewy. If you have that kind of pasta, it’s rather easy to whip up this comforting noodle dish. The sauce can be made using three ingredients – pasta water, coarse black pepper, and cheese (cacio).

#3. Japchae

This Korean side dish uses glass noodles made from the starch of sweet potatoes. The stir-fried noodle has a savory and sweet flavor that it’s popular during festivities. It can also be eaten any day.

#4. Saimin

Hawaii also has its comforting noodle dish but it’s influenced by various cultures. It can be considered the country’s version of ramen but it represents different cuisines such as Chinese, Polynesian and Japanese.

#5. Pho, Vietnam

This traditional noodle soup of Vietnam is popular and well-loved by many people around the world. What makes Pho delectable to the taste buds is its broth and the Banh pho rice noodles. You can customize your bowl of Pho by adding in thin slices of beef, garnishes like cilantro and basil, as well as different condiments, to suit your taste.

 #6. Kushari 

Kushari is considered a national dish in Egypt that’s easy to make. It involves cooking individually macaroni, chickpeas rice and lentils before tossing them together. This will then be topped with fried onions, spiced tomato sauce and garlic vinegar. 

#7. Udon

This Japanese noodle dish made with thick wheat flour that can be served both hot and cold. It is thicker compared to another type of Japanese noodle called soba. Udon is widely available in Japanese restaurants.

#8. Laksa

Laksa is a famous dish from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is made with rice vermicelli bathed in a spicy, coconut- or tamarind-based broth and topped with seafood. and bean sprouts.

#9.Tallarines verdes

Tallarines verdes from Peru gives a twist to the traditional pesto. The name, which translates to green noodles, is made with your favorite kind of pasta and sauce, which is just pureed spinach and basil mixed with evaporated milk. The milk makes the sauce more creamy, unlike pesto, which is oily.

#10. Filipino spaghetti

Filipinos love their spaghettis sweet. The Philippines’ version of spaghetti Bolognese is popular in any celebration. The tomato sauce tastes sweet (because it’s mixed with banana ketchup) and topped with slices of hot dogs.

#11. Pad see ew

This Thai stir-fried noodle dish is made with rice noodles, vegetables and meat or seafood. Sometimes called Pad Siu, this dish literally means fried in soy sauce. It’s originally a Chinese recipe that has been given a Thai twist.


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