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Dash Cam Videos Reveal Scammers Faking Car Accidents by Doing This Stupid Stunt

This is a very sick stunt, and drivers should beware of this!


A disturbing video has been circulating the social media. It’s a compilation of dash cam footage that are apparently taken from an Asian country. The dates indicated on the videos clearly show that they have been happening for several years now, and it’s frightening.

Several men and women fake car accidents by deliberately running towards moving vehicles, jumping on the hoods, and acting as if the car hit them. What’s terrifying about this is that some of these people were even just standing in the middle of traffic, waiting for a chance, and probably picking out a poor driver to terrorize.

Fortunately, the people they tried to victimize had dash cams installed in their vehicles.

Netizens think these people do it to claim insurance. Others think it’s a scheme to extort money from unsuspecting drivers.

Watch the video, and pay attention to the guy at 1:10.

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Obviously, these people were unharmed. But, can you imagine what would happen if they came across real, reckless drivers who would not even care to stop for them?


Chinese Man Makes Tons of Money From Farming Cockroaches

While others farm livestock and others bees for their honey, what this man farms for a living is quite bizarre – cockroaches. Yes, you read that right.


This story is what nightmares are made of. While others farm livestock and others bees for their honey, what this man farms for a living is quite bizarre - cockroaches. Yes, you read that right. Cockroaches.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

Business is booming for Mr. Wang, as Chinese pharmaceutical companies are lining up to buy tons of his roaches.

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Bride Presents ‘Certificate of Purity’ to Her Dad to Prove Her Hymen is Intact

The certificate was signed by the bride’s doctor to prove that she has saved herself for marriage.

Let's admit it. Virginity before marriage is rare nowadays. With the influences young people see on television, print media and online platforms, it is quite common for them to develop utmost curiosity and a surge of braveness to try out new things.

However, there are still a few left who choose to wait until marriage before finally giving their full selves to their spouses. Take Brelyn Bowman for example. She was married last Oct. 10 and did a very unusual act during that special day: presenting a "Certificate of Purity" to her father.

At her wedding, Bowman presented the said certificate with a sign from her doctor, verifying that her hymen was still intact.

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Chinese Scientists Created First Genetically Engineered, Extra-Muscular Dogs

Super alpha dogs!

Imagine man's best friend all jacked up like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his heyday, looking like he's ready to pounce on you with those bulging muscles...quite a terrifying thought, isn't it?

Thanks to scientists in China, dogs can now be transformed to canines of bodybuilder proportions, with the help of genetic engineering. These beagles will be kept at the Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute.


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