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Clever People Came Up With The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense Yet

People are bringing along their canine friends to protect them from threats while withdrawing from ATM machines.

Donna Marie Padua





While ATM provides convenience in acquiring cash compared to falling in line to make over-the-counter withdrawals, there is an increased risk since people using the machine has become an easy target for crooks.

Using an ATM alone has become very risky these days, most especially during the night. Banks should protect their customers by installing safety features around units like security cameras, cubicle-type walls, and even deploying armed guards.

People are now using their canine friends to give them protection while withdrawing from ATMs.

Source: instagram

However, not all banks have the initiative to do so and it will be up to their withdrawing clients to draw away muggers and opportunists in their own way. While there is no defense mechanism that could prove to be even more effective than others, these people came up with a solution on how they can be truly protected while withdrawing money from an ATM.

Today, there are a couple of photos appearing on the internet of people who bring along with them a canine crew to guard them while they are withdrawing cash from the ATM. Owners share their photos positioning their huge canines behind them to scare any robber away.

The dogs’ sizes are pretty intimidating and threats will surely think twice.

Dogs can be really cute even though they are from huge breeds. While they can be trained to be friendly to strangers or sway them by putting on a cute puppy expression, they can also be taught to be protective of their humans when they smell danger. This is just one of the beautiful benefits of raising a loyal pet and friend, not to mention adopting huge Rottweilers, Pitbulls or Labradors.

More and more people are already using these dogs to accompany them whenever they take out cash from their accounts.

Social media comers who see photos of withdrawing people guarded by their canine crew are getting the good idea of training a set for their benefit too. One netizen even commented:

“This is a good strategy. I would be way too distracted trying to pet the dogs to steal her information.”

Scroll down for more photos to prove that dogs can be the best cash withdrawal guards.



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