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Belgian Malinois Tries And Fails At Being A Service Dog But Internet Loves Him





Any little puppy can dream of being a service dog. One Belgian Malinois is training hard to be a service animal and eventually live with a disabled person he can devote his life to. Unfortunately, this adorable pooch is failing in such an epic fashion that the internet has fallen in love with him.

Ryker is a young Belgian Malinois who is very eager to please his human. A video posted by Double H Canine Training Academy shows the pup trying his best to be a good service dog. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm at performing tasks makes it clear that that might not be a good idea. Nevertheless, the trainers are happy with Ryker’s efforts and they decide that they should just let the pooch has some fun.

Meet Ryker, the adorable pup who is trying really hard to be a service dog.

Not surprisingly, netizens are loving Ryker’s video and some have even volunteered to take him in. Others have pointed out that the Belgian Malinois would be a perfect partner for anyone who needs a good laugh.

“Maybe not a service dog for the disabled but an awesome best friend for someone who is mobile and active…and has no personal belongings and plenty of liability insurance. And sleeps with one eye open…..and doesn’t own a fridge,” one comment read.

“With that toy drive and enthusiasm maybe he would be suited as a drug dog or police K-9. Looks like a sweetheart that really wants to please!” another netizen gushed.

He might not become a service dog, so how about Ryker for president instead?

Unfortunately for fans who are hoping to adopt Ryker to be their not-service dog, the pup already has an owner. He lives with trainer Zach Janes and is reportedly a very good family dog.

It has also been revealed that Ryker actually found his calling. According to Janes, the pooch has completed bomb detection and protection training.

He might not be cut out for a life as a service dog but there is little doubt that Ryker is having fun with his family and loving his new internet fame.

Are you ready for Ryker’s epic fail? Watch the hilarious full video below:

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