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There is A Reason Why People Love What’s Inside of This House

I don’t mind living in this house.

Ivan Menchavez





Some people dream of owning a big house with a big garage, a fancy living room, a huge pool and a family entertainment room. On the other hand, there are those who find comfort living in a much smaller 2-bedroom house but looks beautiful inside and out.

If you fancy the latter, there is one company that might be able to help you plan your kind of home. They called themselves, The Cottage Company.

They are the leading company when it comes to building small but gorgeous houses. They will help you compose your own idea of a beautiful tiny house then show you their magnificent pieces.

One of the many wonderful houses that caught our attention is the Kvale Hytte Cottage. First glance of this house would make you think it is somewhere deep in the woods.

The house certainly looks something in the outside.


The house is tiny but it has a beautiful porch…


And it doesn’t look small on the inside.


Anyone would want to live here.


Your kids will definitely love it too…


Your wife will surely find the sunroof awesome.


The whole family could spend hours on this porch and nobody will ever complain.


The huge windows of the house is one of the reasons why it looks bigger than it actually is.




The bathroom is just too good for a house this small.



The bedroom takes you to some fancy resort up in the mountain.


It would be great to just sit here all day.


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Dubai Is Set to Launch Floating Villas with Underwater Rooms This Year

Enjoy the breathtaking view underwater.

Ann Moises



It seems that countless individuals wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life to be one with nature. Some people want to build a house somewhere deep in the woods while others have expressed their desire of staying in an underwater hotel. Fortunately, there are unconventional developers out there who want to help people realize these fantasies.

In 2015, the Kleindienst Group was given permission to build the Floating Seahorse ---an apartment complex consisting of 42 villas.

Each villa will have its plot in the Persian Gulf as part of the World Island Projects, the Daily Mail reports.

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25 of the Strangest Fruits You Might Encounter in this Lifetime

We scoured the whole world searching for the strangest fruits ever known to man. We give you the lowdown.

Kat Lozada



With so many exotic fruits the world can offer, you may not know that you've stumbled upon one until they look strange to you. It could be the way they look like, the way they smell to you or even taste that makes them weird. But at the end of the day, despite their strangeness, they're edible enough to try and maybe, might even be awesome enough for your liking.

We scoured the world for some of the strangest fruits you may have the opportunity of encountering at least once in your life. Hopefully, you get to taste at least half of what's on the list and let us know if they still seem strange to you after doing so.

25. Rambutan

25. Rambutan

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Some Stranger Padlocked This Guy’s Earlobe And Ran Away With The Key

Man left furious after someone sneaked up and stuck a PADLOCK on his stretched earlobe.

Mark Andrew



It sounds like a very unlikely thing to happen but Tom Grim Fandango Matthews – as his name appears on Facebook – claims he was totally unaware that someone locked a padlock to his earlobe.

The guy says he didn’t notice it at all until it was too late. He just heard a click in his fleshy tunnel and that was it.

He later posted a photo on his social media account and angrily captioned it this way:

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