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33 Photographs Of The Most Beautiful Chickens You’ll Ever See





Lovely scenery in nature, magnificent architecture, animals in action, and portraits of beautiful people are just among the favorite subjects of photographers. But for photographers Matteo Tranchellini and Moreno Monti, there’s just this fascination about birds that they decided to make the CHICken photo project.

In 2013, Tranchellini was looking for a Concincina to have as a pet. He met a farmer named Giorgio who took him to his aviary exhibit. There, he saw a Concincina hen named Jessica, with whom he immediately fell in love. Together with Monti, Matteo embarked on a photographic journey featuring hundreds of sophisticated-looking chickens and roosters. Check out photos of the birds that rocked their beautiful feathers.






Monti and Tranchellini shot the photographs at the Milano aviary exhibition in Italy. The series shows just how naturally these chickens posed for the camera and showed their beauty. All the chickens included in the project are show birds. The CHICken project is a coffee book that features over 200 photographs of 100 diffrent types of chickens and roosters in all their elegance.

All the birds that were part of the project were not harmed, the photographers assured. They were posing naturally and were not forced. In other words, the chickens really have a natural talent to look awesome in front of the camera.




“Our models like any others have bad hair days, love to wear black and even sweat glitter. We also have some retired show birds that are glamorous even with wrinkles and grey hair.”







On their Kickstarter page, the photographers explained what one can expect from the CHICken coffee book.

“The 3d effect of the lighting, the colors and the details that create a dramatic effect. It will be as if you were looking at an oil painting, but it’s actually a photograph! You will be mesmerized!”







Here are more irresistible photographs of these fabulous chickens. Enjoy!














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